Bethel Newsline 10/11

  • Ladies meeting and Elders-Deacons meeting Sunday Night.

  • Randall Childress is coming home today.

  • Delanie Clayton passed her antibodies test.It is the start of a long process.Family continues to need our prayers.

  • Roy Pendergrass continues to need our prayers.

  • Archie Mason will likely stay at Erl.-Bledsoe for some therapy.

  • Johnnie Hitchcox is not doing well.She is home with homehealth people helping out.Cards and calls would be good.

  • Tom Hassler is very sick now.His appendix burst as it was being removed.Prayers for him and family.

  • John Hargis back is doing better.

  • Leona Roberts is at Erlanger-Bledsoe.Not feeling well,but doing better.

Remember in Prayer

  • Roberta Collier

  • Buck and Justine Ewton.

  • Barney and Jeanie Hollis.
    Christy Boring

  • Pete Smith

  • Joe and Vera Rains.

  • Beulah and Gerald Joe Layne.

    MNFM Oct.14th
    Ladies Meet Sunday Night