Bethel Newsline 6/14

  • Randall Childress will be moving to HealthSouth for rehab soon.Expects to be there several days.

  • Lajuan Wilmoth’s knee surgery went well.Doing rehab in Pikeville.

  • Chester Pendergrass heart surgery has been put on hold.He will have a heart cath instead in about 2 weeks.

  • Carolyn Harvey is home.Lots of rehab to come.

  • David McAnally will meet with heart surgeon July 2nd to set up his surgery.

  • Fae Adcox brother is in ICU in Oklahoma.He has a heart problem and pneumonia.She would like our prayers.

  • Ruth Johnson is in Erl.-Bledsoe after a stroke.Seems to be doing ok.Family will need help taking care of her.

  • Patty Clayton is not doing well.Prayers for her and family.

  • Karen Marshall is now with the hospice people.

Remember in Prayer

  • Roberta Collier

  • Buck and Justine Ewton.

  • Barney and Jeanie Hollis.
    Christy Boring

  • Pete Smith

  • Joe and Vera Rains.

  • Beulah and Gerald Joe Layne.

    Summer Series begins July 16th.Different speakers each Tuesday Night.Sunday Morning Aug.4th meal together after church.Be making plans to attend each service.