Bethel Newsline 8/20

  • Audrey Smith had a bad night Monday.She had a seizure caused by blood pressure.Move to Vanderbilt will be delayed until she is feeling better.

  • David Clayton is in Erlanger.He has a blood clot in his lungs.Prayers for him,Kim,Cheryl,and the family.Doing a bit better.

  • Rhett Morrison has a broken arm.

  • Jennifer Smith is in an ongoing battle with cancer.Prayers asked for.

  • Pete Smith’s condition seems to be in decline.

  • Artie Bayless,mom of Chad Measles,has cancer.She will begin chemo and radiation soon.Send card:539 bluff View Lane Spencer 38585.

  • Chester Pendergrass is doing better.

  • Delanie Clayton has an illness that causes her muscles to be weak.Long process ahead,prayers needed.

  • Tracy Childress has come home from hospital.

Remember in Prayer

  • Roberta Collier

  • Buck and Justine Ewton.

  • Barney and Jeanie Hollis.
    Christy Boring

  • Pete Smith

  • Joe and Vera Rains.

  • Beulah and Gerald Joe Layne.

    Paul Smith will be back Sept.1st.Eating after evening service.
    Ladies doing gift cards for college kids.Bridgett and Melissa are in charge.