Bethel Prison Ministry

Our men hold worship services each first day of the week at the Southeast Regional Prison. This includes baptisms and restorations. We also provide correspondence courses for the inmates that we grade and supply with Completion Certificates.

Bethel Benevolent Center

From here we provide clothing and furniture to people in need.

Bethel Food Pantry

From our food pantry we donate food to individuals and families in need.

Bethel Missionary Support

Our congregation supports ten missionaries in foreign lands. We send members of our
congregation to countries in South America to help support medical and evangelical teams. Teens from our youth ministry go to areas in the U.S. to support other congregations.

Bethel Nursing Home Singings

Members of our congregation go to the local nursing homes in Pikeville and Dunlap to sing hymns with the residents on a regular basis.

Bethel Communion Outreach Service

We provide weekly communion service for individuals in local hospitals and nursing homes in Pikeville and Dunlap as well as for members of the Lord's Church that are unable to attend regular services.

Correspondence Courses

We provide correspondence courses for our members and for any person seeking to know more about the Word of God.    

Memorial Hospital ICU meals

We prepare and serve meals for the families of patients waiting on loved ones undergoing treatment.

Military Support Activities

We have an ongoing care package program for our military men and women which provides them with items they need while away on duty.